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Collaborative Writing Centers

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Creative Minds            

 . . . A Wiki for writers who collaborate to create great writing!



 Guidelines for collaborative writing projects:

* Meet your deadline!

* All members of your group must participate in contributing to the writing project.

* Each person(s) in your group must have a responsibility:

        - Group facilitator (keep the group on task!)

        - editor (click edit page to begin; only one person at a time can edit a wiki page)

        - reader (read out loud any content that all must hear)

        - brainstormers (generate ideas)

        - conventions monitors (check for clarity, spelling, etc.)

Each time you participate in a collaborative writing project, you must have a different role!


Ideas for Collaborative Writing Centers:

Test Tube Trouble

The ABC's of Blogs and Wikis

Great Writers

Martin Luther King Jr

Say It Differently!

A Picture is worth a 1000 Words










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